Brand Advocate or Just a Decent Human?

As Shakespeare wrote in Juliet’s soliloquy, “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose By any other name would smell as sweet.” Sorry to say it, Juliet, but you’re 14 (and imaginary) so you don’t get it, but names are kind of a big deal. If you’re sitting there saying to yourself, “ThisContinue reading “Brand Advocate or Just a Decent Human?”

When I was Brave, Not Perfect

A while back, I applied for a new role in my org. It was a major step up in title and responsibilities, but with my tenure at the health system combined with my past experiences, I could definitely rock it. It wasn’t the next logical career step, but I went for it anyway. The otherContinue reading “When I was Brave, Not Perfect”

Consciously Uncoupling: Why a Former SMM is Taking a Break From Social Media

It is with an exhausted and frustrated spirit that I have decided to separate from most social media channels – especially you, Instagram. I have been trying for quite some time to be a “good blogger” by sharing content almost exclusively on there in order to see what might be possible between us. As such,Continue reading “Consciously Uncoupling: Why a Former SMM is Taking a Break From Social Media”

When Your Inbox Reflects the Masterclass

For the past several years, I’ve had the good fortune of attending Digital Summit Kansas City, a conference for all things digital marketing. Obviously this year, due to the pandemic, it’s been changed slightly and is entirely digital (appropriate for the audience if you think about it). Today is the first day of masterclasses forContinue reading “When Your Inbox Reflects the Masterclass”

Pushing Buttons

The other day, a friend posted a challenge on Facebook. “Poorly explain what you do for a living.” A lot of the answers he got were amusing. Give drugs to children (nurse) Glorified babysitter (teacher) Lecture people about life choices, sometimes while near dead bodies (pastor) I had to stop and think about it forContinue reading “Pushing Buttons”