Best 10 Minutes: Laundry

When I was growing up, folding laundry was in my chores lineup from the time I started middle school, I think. I imagine it probably coincided with the time I started wearing bras, and my dad chose to nope right out of folding clothes that weren’t his and Mom’s as a result. So it’s somethingContinue reading “Best 10 Minutes: Laundry”

Channeling My Inner Rich Mom

You see the jokes all over social lately about how we need to embrace this year as a “warm girl summer” instead of a hot girl summer. Or why it is we should ignore any and all of our self-doubts and just get in the pool. Et cetera, so on and so forth. In thatContinue reading “Channeling My Inner Rich Mom”

The Kids Show We All Love

When you have little kids, you better hope they find a cartoon show you can stand. Because it’s going to be on. All. The. Time. Caiden’s show of choice when he was little was Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. We watched it daily before bed, and saw all of the episodes multiple times. As such, Ricky andContinue reading “The Kids Show We All Love”

COVID-19 is Bringing Out the Asshole in My Kid

It’s been a long pandemic. We’re all feeling the effects, especially Caiden. For those of you who haven’t had the chance to meet our oldest, here’s a quick rundown: About as extroverted as it gets, much to my chagrin Super smart and has always been among his teachers’ favorites Loves cartoons, LEGO (hmm… where didContinue reading “COVID-19 is Bringing Out the Asshole in My Kid”

Why I Celebrate #NationalCoffeeDay

I’ve been a coffee drinker since I was in 8th grade. What started as a flirtation with mochas developed into a relationship with lattes by the time I was in my late 20s. Then 29 hit, and my need for coffee turned into a full-blown dependency. Why? One Caiden Leesmann entered the world. On SeptemberContinue reading “Why I Celebrate #NationalCoffeeDay”

Herding Cats on a Clever See Saw

Really random title, I know, but bear with me. We have officially survived our first week of virtual kindergarten at what the school district has dubbed, “Liberty Virtual School.” Virtual or in-person, that is the question So like many parents when the pandemic started getting bad over the spring and summer, we stressed out aboutContinue reading “Herding Cats on a Clever See Saw”

In This House

In our dining room, we have one of those signs that describes the “house rules,” kinda sorta. A lot of the ones available in stores have a religious bend to it, which wasn’t a good fit for us. Fortunately, we eventually found one that was a close enough fit. As you can see above, evenContinue reading “In This House”