Channeling My Inner Rich Mom

You see the jokes all over social lately about how we need to embrace this year as a “warm girl summer” instead of a hot girl summer. Or why it is we should ignore any and all of our self-doubts and just get in the pool. Et cetera, so on and so forth.

In that same vein, my Twitter friend, Teresa Maly, posted about how she’s cultivating her “rich mom energy this summer.”

And that made me think about how appropriate of a goal that is for me. Let me explain.

The rich mom

Rich moms, you can picture them in your head. They’re the moms that proliferate the #MommyBlogger scene, and always have pictures posted on social that are so staged and filtered that anyone else feels like a troll looking at them. They’re also notorious for a few things:

  • Driving pristine white or black SUVs
  • Taking incredibly good care of themselves
  • Having impeccably styled everything

When I say I want to channel my inner rich mom, I don’t mean that I want to spend all the money on outrageous status items like clothes, shoes and bags. Let’s be honest, it would be nice. But I’m still working remotely full-time, so it’ll take a lot for me to abandon my running tights and tank tops wardrobe. Also, it took me waaaaay too long to remember the term “status item,” which just shows that’s not really my MO.

What I mean, is that I want to actually be able to make some time for myself like a rich mom.

Yes, myself. Something that’s been in short supply around here ever since the pandemic sent us all into lockdown.

Not that I’m complaining.

Not really.

Okay, maybe a teensy bit.

Really though, we’re so lucky to have had all this extra time with the boys that wouldn’t have ever happened in normal circumstances. We’ve gotten to see so many of Beckett’s firsts that we missed with Caiden since he was in daycare all the time. And Rick (look! I can use the name almost everyone else knows him by on here) and I have been able to go on walks during the daytime that would’ve been more difficult to arrange, even with us only working 4 floors apart in the same building. So we’ve all had LOTS of quality time together as a family. Awesome, right?

We have to remember one little detail in all of this. I’m an introvert – an extroverted one at times, but an introvert nonetheless. So I feel like I never get time to just be and recharge. That changes now. Technically yesterday, but details.

Yes, these 2 little blond boys are very cute, but it would be nice to not have them hanging on me at all times.

Me time

I finally did something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. I signed up for Club Pilates.

Pilates and I have been in a bit of a flirty relationship since high school. We’d meet up occasionally for a mat session courtesy of a gym class or my online yoga subscription. But it was never serious. And the idea of being able to use a reformer? Forget about it.

Seriously, the costs for private reformer Pilates sessions are not cheap.

Enter Club Pilates.

They opened up a mere 5 minutes from my house just after Beckett was born. So I was intrigued. Even more so after seeing that they offered a free introduction class. When I was cleared for activity by the doc, I signed up for my free class.

I fell in love.

The reformer is so cool! It’s like a Bowflex, but for Pilates. And as a former dancer, I was decent at it. Always a bonus, right?

Unfortunately, yet again, the price seemed a bit high. You can guess how astronomical our daycare bill was for 2 kids. So I wrote it off as a dream.

Then COVID-19 happened and life ground to a halt. So did a lot of our spending. As a result, we were able to spend the last year eliminating a lot of debt by using the snowball effect. That plus the fact that it seemed like we were having the worst luck ever getting contractors to call us back, meant that Rick and I were both able to pick a big purchase to make for ourselves sometime this year. His was the elusive PS5, and mine was a Club Pilates membership.

Guess who made the better decision, and who’s still trying to figure out where they can get their item?

How the other half lives

I took my first class this morning, and it was awesome. Ridiculously early (hello, 5:30 a.m.!), but awesome regardless.

It was so nice to do something that’s just for me.

Granted, it was only my first class, but I’m very excited about all of this. Especially the people watching potential. I’m really interested to see how the class population changes between different times of the day. Will there be any RHOKC or RHOLiberty there (as my friend Jess and I used to refer to them)? Only time will tell.

In the meantime, I’m going to enjoy my 2 classes a week. I just hope I don’t always have to hit up the sunrise class.

Then again, there is a Starbucks just across the parking lot; maybe I’ll come to LOVE the early class.

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