Sending a Little Love Your Way

We’re officially over a year into the panda (aka pandemic) now. And while Ricky and I are fully vaccinated, not everyone is so life still isn’t “back to normal.” While we’re still not eating in restaurants or going to see movies in theaters, we’ll get there eventually. Especially with the vaccine rollout gaining steam.

In the meantime, I’ve decided to start a little project to entertain myself.

I’ve been sending hand-written notes to friends!

I don’t do it on a consistent basis, and I don’t really have a rhyme or reason as to who I write when. It’s just when they randomly come to mind.

There’s something almost meditative about putting pen to paper and just making that little connection.

I don’t expect to receive anything back. In fact, I don’t need anything back. I just want them to get a smile from receiving real mail, and maybe feel motivated to pass the happiness along to someone else.

This post is really thin, sorry. But if you have the time, consider sharing a little love with the people in your life by sending a note.

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