Do I Know You?

Dear random LinkedIn users,

Please, for the love of all that’s good in the world, do not try to sell me on your business that offers SEO services – or anything for that matter. Especially when my public post makes it abundantly clear that we’re hiring an SEO (hiring does not equal looking for an external vendor, we already have one of those).

Oh, and if you took a moment to actually look at my profile, you’ll be able to tell that I don’t really have any decision-making power when it comes to these sort of decisions anyway. So your stupid cold messages do nothing but irritate me. And no – I’m not just going to automatically accept your connection request to chat about your pitch. Especially if you’re a 3rd+ connection from the other side of the world.

By all means, send me a message if you’re actually interested in applying for the role, want to get to know more about the health system, what we do, what the environment is like, etc. If you want to have an honest conversation, I’m completely down for that. If I think you’re a good fit, I’ll even let you put my name down as a referral (after we’ve talked enough that I know something about you as a person/potential employee, I’m very protective of my workplace, and I know not just anyone is going to be well suited for us).

But come at me with a generic message that proves you haven’t done a damn bit of research and you just hunt hashtags, I might be nice for a little bit. If you try to argue with me though and keep trying to pressure me on sales or talking with you, I’m going to shut that shit down.

Social media should be for genuine connections (huh, I sound like I’m repeating my post from the other day…). People are smart, and we can see through your bull. Take it elsewhere, please and thanks.

And y’all are doing nothing to help convince me to like LI any better so far.

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