When Your Inbox Reflects the Masterclass

For the past several years, I’ve had the good fortune of attending Digital Summit Kansas City, a conference for all things digital marketing. Obviously this year, due to the pandemic, it’s been changed slightly and is entirely digital (appropriate for the audience if you think about it). Today is the first day of masterclasses for #DSatHome, and the first class on the docket is on building robust email campaigns from one of my favorites, Michael J. Barber.

As he’s going over the importance of from names and subject lines I happened to have an email pop up in my inbox that caught my eye. Let’s see if you can see why that happened.

Do you see the issue? Please tell me you see it.

Someone forgot to fill out their preview text! Whoopsie.

What’s even better? This email (the ONLY reason I opened it was to see what the big fail was for) was to invite “me” to a webinar for Seamless Marketing Campaigns.

So. Long story short: ALWAYS test your email campaigns before sending them out. And if it’s not a full campaign, at least double check everything before you hit send. Copy and paste mistakes can (and do) happen, but it really turns off your intended recipient when it does.

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