Why I Celebrate #NationalCoffeeDay

I’ve been a coffee drinker since I was in 8th grade. What started as a flirtation with mochas developed into a relationship with lattes by the time I was in my late 20s. Then 29 hit, and my need for coffee turned into a full-blown dependency.


Caiden as a wee, little thing hanging out with the pets during maternity leave.

One Caiden Leesmann entered the world. On September 29. 6 years ago today.

Yes, the reason I’m a mom in the first place happened to make his debut on the holiday I never knew existed but that I happily celebrate almost daily.

Caiden, unsurprisingly to those who know him, made a bit of a dramatic entrance into the world:

  • My blood pressure was so high due to how quickly he was coming that they stopped my labor so I didn’t stroke out.
  • When my epidural was placed they apparently missed several times, so I wound up with a spinal headache.
  • The extra holes in my spine led to me going numb clear up to my clavicle, so I couldn’t feel much which made everything way more difficult.
  • I had to have the placenta essentially forced out of me since stopping and starting my labor apparently made it not release naturally.

Etc. so on and so forth.

But the 12 hours of difficulty wound up being worth it in the end. Because even though I still have lingering impacts from the spinal headache to this day (my head is apparently an excellent barometer now), we also have an incredibly silly, ornery and smart little boy. One who is OBSESSED with LEGO, building things (per the directions and of his own creation), all things that go, watching cartoons, and enjoying life. In other words, everything a little kid should be.

This picture is pretty perfect for depicting his ornery self. Crown courtesy of Alexis Preston (aka Mom).

So there you have it. Thanks to Caiden I now have a favorite holiday. Happy birthday to my main reason for celebrating #NationalCoffeeDay. Now to make a trip to Starbucks to celebrate with a pumpkin cream cold brew … and to maybe grab a cakepop for the birthday boy. Maybe.

What? He has cake tonight!

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