Stupid COWS

Not the mooing cute kind I like driving past and stupidly pointing out to the rest of the car, even though they’re literally always in the same pastures we see almost daily. No, no. The COWS I’m referring to is COVID Weariness Syndrome, a term the chief medical officer at my health system likes using.

As much as I love my job, it can be a bit wearing at times, especially when the content management system takes on a mind of its own. Add in the inability to recharge my introverted batteries that often, and COWS is almost inevitable.

So how do I make do? Finding the joy in the small things, of course. And right now my biggest source of work joy is kind of dumb, but I take pride in it: I LOVE it when I find the perfect GIF to use in a Teams message.

Completely dumb, I know. But it makes me laugh and we don’t necessarily get to do that often enough lately. And anything we can do to bring some lightness to the dumpster fire of a world we’re living in currently, I’ll take.

Yeah, yeah. Not the most digital marketing-ish Links post ever, but I’ll talk about my thoughts on writing for people and not solely Google some other time. Right now, I’m going to go enjoy my GIFs.

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