After our first full day of vacation last week, Rick and I stood back to admire the progress we made in cleaning out our garage. I looked at him and said, “And that’s what happens when two Virgos tackle a project. You get shit done.”

We weren’t quite able to fill the dumpster entirely – there was maybe a front corner that wasn’t filled to the top – but we got pretty damn close.

  • Garage – cleaned and organized. New shelves installed and there was enough space we were able to use it as a painting area for another project.
  • Basement – emptied and swept. It’s insane how much room there is down there now that it’s not covered in helter skelter art supplies, dog hair and miscellaneous junk.
  • Kitchen – repainted and organized. This was only the first part in what will probably be a 3-step overhaul, but our basic brown cabinets are no more! Instead, our island is a pretty dark blue and our cabinets are a darkish gray.
It’s so pretty! Rick and his paint gun did an excellent job with a difficult project. Colors: HGTV HOME by Sherwin-Williams in Naval and Software.
  • Coat closet – cleaned out and the coat herd was thinned. All of our board games (that had the habit of falling on my head when I was trying to grab something) now live upstairs in our linen closet.
  • Fence – it’s actually a fence again! We had removed the slats back in May because they were a hot, rotted mess. Between Tuesday and Wednesday we were able to get new slats measured and screwed in. Now we just need it to stay dry long enough to be able to stain them.
  • Pantry – cleaned out and a new light installed. Our automatic sensor light switch still needs to be swapped out for something else (it’s been on the fritz for a while) and the supplies inside need to be organized, but at least we can see everything now. I kind of want to paint the back wall a spot color of some sort, but that’s still to be determined.
  • Toys – organized and some sent to live at Grandma’s and Grandpa’s house. I still think we have too many, but I was overruled on getting rid of more of those. Now to just find their permanent homes in the house.

It felt good to get all of that accomplished, even though we were a hot, sweaty mess all of vacation as a result. And yet there’s still so much more I want to do! All in all, it was a good start. Now to just keep moving forward.

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