Pushing Buttons

The other day, a friend posted a challenge on Facebook. “Poorly explain what you do for a living.” A lot of the answers he got were amusing.

  • Give drugs to children (nurse)
  • Glorified babysitter (teacher)
  • Lecture people about life choices, sometimes while near dead bodies (pastor)

I had to stop and think about it for a second before I replied. How in the world would I explain digital marketing poorly?

Well, that’s not hard considering how many people don’t get what it is. So the better question was, how could I explain my area of digital marketing poorly in a way that at least makes a little bit of sense to an outsider?

“I make people push buttons.”

Pretty accurate if you think about it. After all, my job is to help people find what they’re looking for in a way that they end up taking an action. More often than not, clicking a button.

Of course, there’s a bit more of an art to it than all that. But who wants to hear, “I take copy that was written to achieve a strategic goal and place it in a page that’s both appealing to look at and engage with, but also inspires the user to take further action to stay on our site longer ultimately leading them to either click to call to request an appointment, or fill out a form for our call center to reach out to them to do the same.”


The more fun way to explain it is, “I make sense out of mass chaos,” or “I make people fall down rabbit holes.” Of course that’s not nearly as clear. So, long story short.

I make people push buttons.

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